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For Home or Office​

A great piece of art can totally transform a space and the way that people feel in it! Whether it is a splash of beauty to adorn your workspace, a stunning feature piece to lighten a room or an image that welcomes clients to your business, a stunning landscape photograph can be the transformation that your space needs.

If you are spending so much time indoors don’t you deserve to make it look and feel special? But affordable decor from big chain stores can be so bland and doesn’t have the special feeling that carefully curated art creates. Unfortunately, creating that special feeling with a nice artwork can be beyond the reach of many of us.

We believe that great art shouldn’t break the bank.

Shells on the waterline at sunset

My Favorite

Surfacing Penguin - Antarctica

Simply Stunning

Barrington River

A Classic

Warm Boat Harbour Glow

My Story

For 20 years photography has been my creative outlet, my escape from the stressors of life and a reason to get out and explore the world! My parents gave me my first camera at age 10 so that I could document the world, but there was a catch – I had to pay for the film! When I turned 18 they thought that an upgrade was in order but this was just before the dawn of the digital age so they gave me another film camera.

Photography didn’t become a hobby until a few years later when we visited the Ken Duncan gallery and I saw great landscape images for the first time and I knew that I wanted to create great art with my camera.

I started to venture out on my first trips where my sole purpose was photography and learnt more and more. When my dad won ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ he decided that I was too old to take to Disneyland and a digital camera might be a better gift!

Since then I have taken my cameras all over the world, from Hawaii to Antarctica and a few not so beautiful places in between I’ve created my own style of imagery and discovered how beautiful the world is – even in the most mundane places!

For me, photography is about the joy of being creative – be it looking through a lens, editing my images or creating the perfect print. I don’t judge success through the number of ‘likes’ an image gets on social media but rather how the image makes someone feel. I would rather captivate just one person than have a million people press the thumbs up and scroll on!

This is my mission, to bring my art to people who will display, admire and enjoy my images over months and years. I hope you find something here that transforms a space and the way you feel within it.

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